The Brains Behind THC

Imagine a world where there were no limits on when or where you could transform the look of your hair? For the business savvy and entrepreneurial whom travel regularly, appearance can be challenging, sometimes even impossible to maintain. We welcome you to the brave new world of T.H.C. (Take Home Color), where a solution has been innovated for any individual to change their hair color, instantaneously regardless of location or time of day.

What is T.H.C. (Take Home Color), and how does it work? Master Colorist and Educator, Topaz shares her vision: “One day after work at Dramatics NYC, I was sitting on the train going home and gathering my thoughts. All I could think of was how several of my long time clients had proposed the same dilemma- Due to the demands of their profession, their time is drastically limited and often it is a monumental task, to fly to their trusted hairdresser for that single process root touch-up. We live in a day and age where the world is fast-paced, filled with
multi-tasking and optimizing one’s time for an efficient lifestyle. With the advancement of technology, everything around us is progressing and evolving
to cater our newly developed needs. I thought to myself, ‘why not do the same for hair?
I saw myself as a hair doctor, offering online consultations and prescribing hair color formulas, according to each hair type and its needs. After serving my loyal clientele of over twenty years, I want nothing more than to be able to offer a solution for their time constraints. I envision the beauty industry evolving to a new height through the new T.H.C. method. It’s as simple as you going on the THC website, we have a consultation and you let me know your idea of how you want your hair colored, then I simply formulate and have the color mailed to you. I love the idea of empowering others to have access to the ability of coloring their own hair, without hassle. Your own partner, friend or family member can even apply the color to your hair, it’s that easy! No longer do you have to stress about how to incorporate your hair dresser into your schedule- they are now accessible at the drop of an e-mail!