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Liliana Escoto

Liliana Escoto has been in the hair industry for over two decades. As a hairstylist and educator at DNYC Academy, she is accustomed to people coming to her for solutions. “Working and living in New York City is time-consuming and everyone knows that time is money,” says Escoto, who is lovingly known by her students and clients as ‘Topaz.’

“As a hairstylist, I try to help people, find the solutions—I see myself as a sort of ‘hair doctor.’ I’m always helping people transform their appearance, but I wanted to be able to change more, to help more. The inspiration came to me after a long-time client of mine started coming in less frequently. She had always been a seasonal client because her job has her on the road frequently. Each time we wouldn’t see each other for a while, she’d come back with warm roots or a hard line that would need to be corrected. She told me ‘Topaz, I wish I could just take you home with me,’ and it hit me: Why can’t she?!” – Liliana Escoto

Dorian ‘Gray’ Vasquez

Along with her son, Dorian ‘Gray’ Vasquez color instructor at DNYC Academy—Liliana started formulating and packaging and shipping her on-the-go clients’ color formulations to their doors. “I knew we weren’t the first to offer home-delivery, but I wanted to be the first to offer salon-grade products and a free live consultation.” – Dorian Vasquez

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