We'll make your dream color a reality.

The Color Box is the best way to get your dream hair color. The products inside the color box are organic, free of PPDs, ammonia and resorcinol. The box makes it simple with everything needed within one simple place. We’ll send you all you need with a color specially made for you by our amazing colorist.

Color Wear & Color Touch

Color Touch is one of the most popular color line that THC usedDiscover demi-permanent hair color, it’s a multi-tonal color that allows hair’s natural tone to shine through.

•Low Commitment
•Flexible multi-faceted hair color for clients who like to change their tone regularly.
•Gray blending and coverage
•75% of women and men find the appearance of roots unacceptable and prefer less obvious regrow.


Precious Nature

Precious Nature Color Line- free from Ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol. This line is made up of five color families, all containing a unique ingredient depending on the color.

All 49 shades are based with sugar and rice milk. Sugar helps provide shine and rice milk has nourishing properties. The natural color family is made with reparative chestnut; cool browns are made with hazelnut for protection; warm browns are made with caramel for a more intense color; blondes are made with honey with conditioning properties; and reds are formulated with cherries for antioxidants.

rEvolution Neon

A revolution in creativity celebrates the power of color and the ability to personalize every client’s look. Now with Alfaparf Milano color rEvolution’s Neon 7 shades you can create an incredible variety of signature colors. Personalize unique shades by mixing colors! The fun really starts when you shine UV lights on them in the dark!