Frequently Asked Questions

Our Take Home Color box includes two sets of latex-free gloves for application; coconut based skin protectant; a thermal hair-cap to enhance color processing; and after-care shampoo and conditioner.

Take Home Color uses PPD and Ammonia-Free color by Wella. (More information about Wella available here.)


Why am I unable to purchase a shade more than three levels lighter than my hair?


At Take Home Color we value the integrity of our formulations and let our clients know what is realistically achievable with single process color. Because of the nature and chemistry involved with a single process color it is not possible to lift hair lighter than three shades without using lightener. Luckily for our clients in the New York metropolitan area we have partnered with Dramatics NYC Academy to offer affordable hair lightening services to get you on the road to the home-maintained color of your dreams. (For more information click here)

Take Home Color sets itself apart from other at-home color services in that it offers a complimentary, live video consultation with a real colorist to help you with your formula. Our colorists are all licensed and certified cosmetologists with extensive experience in the field of hair color, who will take the time to help you achieve the results you desire.

We know, we know—why all the questions? At Take Home Color we don’t see colorists simply as hairstylists, we look at them as hair doctors. Just like your practitioner will have you fill out a chart before they examine you, our colorists need to have a little information about you so that they can better help you during your consultation.

Yes! We ship virtually everywhere; meaning that our on-the-go clients can have their formula forwarded anywhere they need to be.