THc 20 Volume Developer Creme – 2 oz


– Bleach / Lighteners
– Developer & Peroxide


– Bleach / Lighteners
– Developer & Peroxide

Developer volume: 20
Developer amount: 2 oz (one application)

When you want to achieve a lift of one o two levels of hair color. If you have more than 50% grey hair you will need to use 20 volume developer for 100% gray coverage with permanent hair dye. Less than that and you may be able to get away with 10 volume developer, and your grey hair will look like highlights.

Developer, also known as activator or even peroxide for short, is mixed with bleach or dye to lighten or color hair. It’s a creamy product that contains hydrogen peroxide, and the amount of hydrogen peroxide is what determines developer volume.

What Is a Hair Developer?
This is a product that’s mixed with color to activate it and enable it to penetrate the hair cuticle. It contains hydrogen peroxide, and it either lifts or deposits the color. You must mix a developer with a basic ingredient such as a hair color or bleach to activate it.

Why Is Hair Developer Important?
This developer allows the color to produce your expected outcome by opening the cuticle for the color to infiltrate. It also determines the resulting color; hence, you should ensure that you choose the right developer. Additionally, it disperses the current color and can lift hair color level depending on the strength of the hydrogen peroxide formulation.

What do the Different Levels Mean and When Do We Use Each of Them?
Hair developer level refers to its oxidizing potential. The majority of hair color formulas work with a volume developer at level 10, 20, 30 or 40.

Get the right amount of product.

This is probably a little “duh,” but if you have hair longer than your shoulders (or if it’s very thick), make sure you have twice as much hair dye on hand. Whether this means buying two boxes or mixing up a double batch of developer and dye, you just want to be sure you don’t run out halfway through. Having a half-dyed head is so not the look.

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Weight 2 oz


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